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JM1071 - Michael Dees: The Dream I Dreamed | Learn More |
The Dream I Dreamed, the highly anticipated new recording from jazz singer and songwriter Michael Dees, features 14 newly minted songs all written by Dees. Considered one the great ... more                                                 
JM1072 - Lorraine Feather: Flirting with Disaster | Learn More |
This is the latest and most deeply emotional album of all-original songs written by three-time Grammy nominee Lorraine Feather and her longtime collaborators ... more                                                 
JM1073 - Great American Music Ensemble: It's All in The Game | Learn More |
Doug Richards is an exceptional composer and arranger who deserves much wider recognition. To many people who know him, he's nearly a living legend ... more                                                 
JM1074 - Steve Heckman: Legacy - A Coltrane Tribute | Learn More |
Legacy: A Coltrane Tribute shows Steve Heckman returning to his roots, having grown up with a deep love for the music of his primary influence, John Coltrane ... more                                                 
JM1075 - Bob Lark/Phil Woods Quintet: Thick as Thieves | Learn More |
Thick as Thieves is the third, and final, recording by The Bob Lark/Phil Woods Quintet, and features some of Phil Woods' finest and most dynamic alto saxophone ... more                                                 
JM1076 - Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein): I Get A Kick CD | Learn More |
New takes on 10 classic tunes by Cole Porter from jazz singer Lisa B, spanning bebop, beguine, ballads, and sultry funk. ... more                                                                                                                                                 
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