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JM1051 - Oster/Welker Jazz Alliance: Detour Ahead | Learn More |
Detour Ahead encompasses a jazz center point… a point where the jazz isn't too far out… and yet not too predictable… it's a place where pure enjoyment comes to mind… in the singing ...more                                                 
JM1052 - Judy Wexler: Under a Painted Sky | Learn More |
With her expressive voice and distinctive style, Judy Wexler crafts a modern, memorable, and deeply personal set backed by an all-star band ... more                                                     
JM1053 - The H2 Big Band: You're It! | Learn More |
A first rate studio big band presenting 11 new arrangements and compositions from leaders Al Hood on trumpet and master writer/pianist Dave Hanson utilizing a variety ... more                                                
JM1054 - Andrea Wolper: Parallel Lives | Learn More |
Expressive warmth meets sophisticated cool, as Andrea synthesizes disparate influences into a very individual sound. She starts with jazz traditions, stirs in a generous serving of blue ... more                                                 
JM1055 - Deborah Winters: Lovers After All | Learn More |
There is a magic in Lovers After All which takes you on a tantalizing musical journey through the exquisite vocal talents of Deborah Winters. She can reach a persons core with her heartfelt ... more                                                 
JM1056 - Lorraine Feather: Tales of the Unusual | Learn More |
Celebrated lyricist/jazz vocalist (and 2011 Grammy nominee) Lorraine Feather takes the listener on a most unusual journey-stops along the way including the depths of the Amazon, an off-the-grid ... more                                                 
JM1057 - Bob Lark and his Alumni Big Band: Reunion | Learn More |
A dynamic jazz big band recording that features the solo trumpet and flugelhorn of leader Bob Lark with an ensemble of "young lions"- talented performers, soloists and arrangerstalented performers, soloists and arrangers ... more                                                
JM1058 - Judi Silvano: Indigo Moods | Learn More |
AJudi Silvano approaches some of her favorite classic jazz standards and the Great American Songbook head-on with an almost raw emotion. Her incredible technique and sensitive collaboration with ... more                                                 
JM1059 - Jeff Hamilton with the DePaul University Jazz Ensemble: Time Passes On | Learn More |
A dynamic, swinging set of big band arrangements featuring drummer/composer Jeff Hamilton with the DePaul University Jazz Ensemble in a "live" recording at Chicago's legendary Jazz Showcase ... more                                                 
JM1060 - Joe Clark Big Band: Lush | Learn More |
The debut big band album of award-winning composer and arranger Joe Clark, "Lush" simmers and swings with a line-up of Chicago's best jazz players and Grammy-award winning drummer ... more                                                 
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