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The Dream I Dreamed, the highly anticipated new recording from jazz singer and songwriter Michael Dees, features 14 newly minted songs all written by Dees. Considered one the great male jazz vocalists with a long and stellar career, Dees has an immediately identifiable sound and style. His straight-ahead vocals coupled with his words and music strip away sentimentality and go to the very heart of love's highs and lows.

Michael Dees: Vocals
Terry Trotter: Piano
Chuck Berghofer: Bass
Steve Schaeffer: Drums
Don Williams: Percussion
Doug Webb: Tenor Saxophone
Bob Sheppard: Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet
Chuck Manning: Tenor Saxophone
Steve Huffsteter: Trumpet and Flugelhorn
Sal Marquez: Trumpet

Artist(s)/Title: Michael Dees: The Dream I Dreamed
Catalog #: JM1071
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  1. In A Moment - Listen to clip
  2. Look at Me - Listen to clip
  3. A Kiss - Listen to clip
  4. I Miss You - Listen to clip
  5. So Crazy for You - Listen to clip
  6. I'm Home - Listen to clip
  7. Back in New Orleans - Listen to clip
  8. I Stay - Listen to clip
  9. A Long Time Comin' - Listen to clip
  10. Every Time You Touch Me - Listen to clip
  11. Am I Supposed to Care? - Listen to clip
  12. Where Love Goes - Listen to clip
  13. Truly Love - Listen to clip
  14. The Dream I Dreamed - Listen to clip
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  1. What makes this new album of Michael's so exciting is that he also wrote the words and music. It is unusual today to find this combination in male jazz vocalists. There is a sincerity in what Michael writes and sings. He strips away most of the flower and ornamentation we are used to hearing from male jazz vocalists singing the Great American Songbook and instead gives us an intimate reading of love's challenges and joys. This is a man speaking and singing from the heart and a road well-traveled.

  2. Michael Dees is joined by L.A. jazz greats Terry Trotter on Piano, Chuck Berghofer on Bass, Steve Schaeffer on Drums, Don Williams on Percussion, and guest soloists Doug Webb on Tenor Saxophone, Bob Sheppard on Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet, Chuck Manning on Tenor Saxophone, Steve Huffsteter on Trumpet and Flugelhorn, and Sal Marquez on Trumpet.

"His words and his music make a promise to us,
His voice keeps it."

- Arthur Hamilton

"Michael could always sing wonderfully in the tradition. And now, it's a real pleasure to hear him writing in the tradition.
We applaud them both."

-Alan & Marilyn Bergman

"Michael has spent his career singing other people's songs and making them sound better.
This time around, Michael is singing his own songs and they sound great. Congrats, Michael!"

-Johnny Mandel

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