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Detour Ahead encompasses a jazz center point… a point where the jazz isn't too far out… and yet not too predictable… it's a place where pure enjoyment comes to mind… in the singing… in the arranging… and from the musicians as they play.

Follow up to the highly acclaimed Shining Hour CD on Jazzed Media jazz male vocalist Jeff Oster is joined by trumpeter/arranger Peter Welker and a host of California's finest musicians for an album of swinging mainstream jazz titles.

Performed by a group of California's best jazz musicians including trombonists Bill Watrous and Scott Whitfield, pianist Mark Levine, violinist Jeremy Cohen, drummer/percussionist Celso Alberti, and alto saxophonist Andrew Speight.

This album employs a variety of instrumental combinations from a swinging eleven piece big band to a sensitive duo that clearly showcases Jeff Oster's incredible jazz vocal artistry.


Jeff Oster, Vocals
Peter Welker, Trumpet/Flugelhorn and arrangements
Doug Morton, Trumpet
Andrew Speight, Alto Sax/Alto Flute
Rob Roth, Tenor Sax
Scott Petersen, Bari Sax
Doug Rowan, Bari Sax
Bill Watrous, Trombone
Scott Whitfield, Trombone
Randy Vincent, Guitar
Jeremy Cohen, Strings
Doug Harmon, Cello
Dave Mathews, Piano
Mark Levine, Piano
Chris Amberger, Bass
Celso Alberti, Drums/Percussion
Kevin Dillon, Drums

Artist(s)/Title: Oster/Welker Jazz Alliance: Detour Ahead
Catalog #: JM1051
Songs: Click Here
Album Review: Click Here
  1. There Is No Greater Love - Listen to clip
  2. Invitation - Listen to clip
  3. If You Never Come To Me - Listen to clip
  4. A Weaver Of Dreams - Listen to clip
  5. Never Let Me Go - Listen to clip
  6. Jeannine - Listen to clip
  7. All Through The Night - Listen to clip
  8. All The Things You Are - Listen to clip
  9. The Gentle Rain - Listen to clip
  10. A Beautiful Friendship - Listen to clip
  11. I'll Remember April - Listen to clip
  12. Detour Ahead - Listen to clip
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Beware! This knockout CD is HOT! It shakes up the "Jazz Compass."

Detour Ahead is an idiomatic journey-it moves, it swings, and it rings with celebratory verve and unsparing passion for the jazz environment-the songs, the words, and the music-makers. Oster/Welker's palette is a changing maze of hues, moods, fabrics, allusions and sounds. They wear the badge of good taste and inspirational urge. They exhibit meaningful examples of a give and take concept of symbiosis, working together on arrangements.

CLOSING REMARKS: The fresh, evergreen quality of musical and emotional absorption sticks with the conviction this is an uncommon journey.

Together, Jeff Oster and Peter Welker's Jazz Alliance speaks directly to the legacy of seductive logic and artistry of jazz. Everyone on these sessions was able to harvest emotional rushes while retaining the youthful spirit of exploratory sounds.

No, there is no need for any detour-it's straight ahead, baby!

- Dr. Herb Wong
June, 2010

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