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This is the newest album of all-original songs by Lorraine Feather, recently called "easily one of the most creative lyricists of her generation" by Ken Dryden of All Music Guide; it is the most personal and the most emotional that she has recorded to date.

Vocals: Lorraine Feather
Piano: Russell Ferrante, Shelly Berg, Dave Grusin
Bass: Michael Valerio
Drums: Michael Shapiro, Gregg Field
Percussion: Michael Shapiro, Tony Morales
Guitar: Grant Geissman, Eddie Arkin
Violin: Charles Bisharat
Bass clarinet: Bob MIntzer

Artist(s)/Title: Lorraine Feather: Attachments
Catalog #: JM1063
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  1. A Little Like This - Listen to clip
  2. Attachments - Listen to clip
  3. I Thought You Did - Listen to clip
  4. Anna Lee - Listen to clip
  5. 159 - Listen to clip
  6. We Have the Stars - Listen to clip
  7. I Love You Guys - Listen to clip
  8. I Hope I Never Leave This Place - Listen to clip
  9. Hearing Things - Listen to clip
  10. The Veil - Listen to clip
  11. Smitten With You - Listen to clip
  12. True - Listen to clip
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  • Attachments is the new album from lyricist/singer Lorraine Feather, whose 2010 and 2012 Jazzed Media releases were Grammy-nominated.
  • The album was written with Feather's ongoing co-writers Russell Ferrante (of the group Yellowjackets), Shelly Berg and Eddie Arkin, adding Dave Grusin as a new collaborator; Grusin worked with Feather on her new vocal version of his "Memphis Stomp" from The Firm; arranged her lyricized treatment of J.S. Bach's "Air on the G String." and played on both tracks.
  • Attachments is about the different connections we form we have in life-to our families, friends, lovers, to animals, to places.

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