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There is a magic in Lovers After All which takes you on a tantalizing musical journey through the exquisite vocal talents of Deborah Winters. She can reach a persons core with her heartfelt renditions on every ballad and will energize you in her upbeat performances as well. In this recording with Arranger/Producer Peter Welker, Deborah brings interpretations of jazz based songs into present day with a fresh twist and style resulting in a purely accessible listening experience.


Deborah Winters, vocal
Peter Welker, trumpet/flugelhorn
Doug Morton, trumpet
Scott Whitfield, trombone
Fred Lipsius, alto sax
Andrew Speight, alto sax
Charlie McCarthy, alto/tenor sax
Rob Roth, tenor sax
Scott Petersen, bari sax
Dave Mathews, piano
Mark Levine, piano
Randy Vincent, guitar
Garth Webber, guitar
Chris Amberger, acoustic bass
Tim Haggerty, electric bass
Celso Alberti, drums
Kevin Dillon, drums
Kendrick Freeman, drums
James Preston, drums
Pete Levin, string arrangements

Artist(s)/Title: Deborah Winters: Lovers After All
Catalog #: JM1055
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  1. Lovers After All - Listen to clip
  2. How Am I To Know - Listen to clip
  3. Get Out Of Town - Listen to clip
  4. Body And Soul - Listen to clip
  5. I Love Being Here With You - Listen to clip
  6. For All We Know - Listen to clip
  7. Haunted Heart - Listen to clip
  8. The End Of A Love Affair - Listen to clip
  9. Come Sunday - Listen to clip
  10. How Deep Is The Ocean - Listen to clip
  11. I'll Close My Eyes - Listen to clip
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Hold it! Don't skip any track on this tantalizing Jazz journey. It's a winning recording not to be missed. Vocalist Deborah Winters and arranger Peter Welker embody the jazz soul of their tight collaboration - a truly ideal partnership. Deborah's fresh interpretations and voice, Peter's bright creative arrangements and feature solos calculated against the charts are executed with melodic clarity and high caloric energy.

I strongly suggest checking out the first two or three selections promptly to sense the core of the music. Dig the whole band's deep passion - the inner ferment explosions. You can easily perceive how Deborah's singing reflects the seductive logic and artistry of jazz. As legendary jazz pianist Errol Garner once said: "Playing is like life…either you feel it or you don't."

In the tradition of telling stories via singing jazz, Deborah personifies her stories with inward feeling and jazz attitude. She evokes traces of Billie Holiday, the supreme storytelling female jazz vocalist. A Deborah imperative is the premium value of featuring the melody…"I want to tell a story - the lyrical content - and be able to stretch out harmonically and be adventuresome while staying true to the melody." Deborah is clearly a proponent of elasticity and daring.

There is, in my view, a connection to Aristotle's reference to art. He wrote: "The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things but their inward significance."

No wonder Deborah Winters and the Peter Welker band breathe as one!

- Dr. Herb Wong, Menlo Park, CA

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