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A first rate studio big band presenting 11 new arrangements and compositions from leaders Al Hood on trumpet and master writer/pianist Dave Hanson utilizing a variety of styles from swing to contemporary and performed with virtuoso musicality and superb blend!



Jason Carder - Trumpet & Flugelhorn (lead on track 1,2,9)
Brad Goode - Trumpet & Flugelhorn (lead on track 3, 4, 10)
Al Hood - Co-leader, Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Mike Rodriguez - Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Bobby Shew - Trumpet & Flugelhorn (lead on track 5,6,7,8,11)


Nelson Hinds - Trombone (lead)
Allen Hermann - Trombone
Tom Ball - Trombone
Gary Mayne - Trombone (bass)


Rich Chiaraluce - Alto Sax (lead), Flute, Clarinet
Wil Swindler - Alto Sax, Flute, Clarinet
Peter Sommer - Tenor Sax
Bob Rebholz - Tenor Sax, Flute
Glenn Kostur - Bari Sax, Bass Clarinet

Rhythm Section:

Dave Hanson - Co-leader, Piano
Ken Walker - Bass
Todd Reid - Drums

Artist(s)/Title: The H2 Big Band: You're It!
Catalog #: JM1053
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  1. Blue Brews - Listen to clip
  2. You're It! - Listen to clip
  3. Singing In The Rain - Listen to clip
  4. BMG - Listen to clip
  5. For Claus - Listen to clip
  6. Big Spender! - Listen to clip
  7. Double Doubles - Listen to clip
  8. Blue in Green - Listen to clip
  9. Al's Well - Listen to clip
  10. Romanza - Listen to clip
  11. Joy Spring - Listen to clip
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Features jazz trumpet legend Bobby Shew playing on all 11 tracks as either a soloist, lead player or section trumpeter - the latter two roles being something he hasn't done much of at all in recent years!

Includes 11 stellar new arrangements and compositions by pianist Dave Hanson! This CD has something for EVERYONE - lovers of Count Basie & Bill Holman, Rob McConnell & Bob Brookmeyer and even Maria Schneider and Claus Ogerman!!

World class soloists and players from Denver (including Al Hood, Brad Goode, Nelson Hinds, and Ken Walker) and beyond (Glenn Kostur & Bobby Shew from Albuquerque, Jason Carder from Miami and Mike Rodriguez from New York City)! There are veterans from the bands of Maynard Ferguson, Buddy Rich, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Ray Charles, Phil Collins, Woody Herman, Artie Shaw and others!

There is indeed an emphatic flow of big bands. A prime example of one which possesses the attributes which jazz lovers seek is certainly the H2 Big Band. It has the distinction of immediately blowing you away! It stimulates a large appetite for more, without apology. This exceptional band is a collaboration of trumpeter Al Hood and pianist/composer/arranger Dave Hanson, prominent jazz educators and performers armed with heavily laden credentials. Their co-leadership is recognized in the name of the band: both of their surnames begin with "H" accounting for the unique name. Both Al and Dave articulate a wonderful like-mindedness and aesthetic temperament, revealing their synergies on many levels.

Special remarks from Bobby Shew are pertinent: "It's an excellent band. Dave's writing is praiseworthy and is perfect for the group. Al Hood is such a powerful player, a phenomenon - he's the Paul Bunyan of the jazz trumpet! The whole trumpet section is a killer!"

It doesn't take a long audition of You're It! to realize this is an extraordinary recording. I invite listeners to savor the fresh imagination and emotional heat of the swinging interpretations that showcase Dave's portraits, and the strong individualities of the standout soloists. Add the trumpet magic of guest Bobby Shew and the chemistry is complete. The H2 Big Band is a dynamite big band template. They're definitely "it!"

- Dr. Herb Wong, Menlo Park, CA
My initial knowledge of Bobby Shew came in the Otter Crest Jazz Weekend years ago. Having lost track of him for some time, it was a treat to see him surface with this Denver-based big band, co-led by pianist Dave Hanson and another trumpet monster named Al Hood (hence the name H2). This a no-nonsense big band in the best of that tradition, playing eleven tunes with gusto and unfettered joy. Seven of the eleven represent Hanson's composing skills, and he arranged all of them. His writing is right down the center of the big band highway, with solo space for a number of deserving candidates, namely Hood, who never wastes an opportunity. The standards include a couple surprises: "Singin' in the Rain" and Cy Coleman's "Big Spender," a hit for Peggy Lee. Two jazz tunes, "Blue In Green" and a rousing, extended "Joy Spring," complete the menu. This is an impressive blend of arranging and performing talent. Big bands may not prevail as they once did, but it seems that every city of any size has one or two that do more than just "keep the faith." Denver's H2 Big Band is a fine, well-oiled example! Jazzed Media, 2011, 76:50

- George Fendel . Jazz Society of Oregon Review

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