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Beautifully crafted and varied arrangements for jazz nonet, string orchestra with rhythm section, and jazz trio featuring the lyrical flugelhorn and muted trumpet playing of Bob Lark. Performances with Jazz artists Phil Woods, Jim McNeely and Rufus Reid result in a provocative and lush recording of note.

Bob Lark, Phil Woods, Jim McNeely and Rufus Reid are featured along with some of Chicago's finest jazz (Ron Perrillo, Bob Rummage, Thomas Matta) and classical musicians (Chicago Symphony Orchestra concertmaster Sam Magad and CSO alum. Steven Balderson).


Tracks 1, 5 & 9, recorded June 21st, 2007, at studiochicago, Chicago, Illinois

Bob Lark, flugelhorn
Thomas Matta, conductor
Ron Perrillo, piano
Eric Hochberg, bass
Bob Rummage drums
Samuel Magad, violin
Elizabeth Coffman, violin
Roxana Pavel, violin
Elizabeth Choi, violin
Elias Goldstein, viola
Steven Balderston, cello

Tracks 2, 3, 6 & 8, recorded February 24th, 2008, at Chicago Recording Center, Chicago, Illinois

Bob Lark, flugelhorn (tracks 2, 6 & 8) & muted trumpet (track 3)
Jim McNeely, piano
Rufus Reid, bass

Tracks 4 & 7, recorded February 8th, 2008, at studiochicago, Chicago, Illinois

Bob Lark, flugelhorn
Phil Woods, alto saxophone
Mark Colby, tenor saxophone
Nick Mazzarella, alto saxophone
Ted Hogarth, baritone saxophone
Thomas Matta, trombone
Ron Perrillo, piano
Eric Hochberg, bass
Bob Rummage, drums

Artist(s)/Title: Bob Lark & Friends: Cathy's Song
Catalog #: JM1050
Songs: Click Here
Album Review: Click Here
  1. Blue Skies - Listen to clip
  2. Tango Caliente - Listen to clip
  3. On Green Dolphin Street - Listen to clip
  4. Goodbye, Mr. Evans - Listen to clip
  5. My Shining Hour - Listen to clip
  6. Winter's Touch - Listen to clip
  7. Rava Nova - Listen to clip
  8. All Of You - Listen to clip
  9. Cathy's Song - Listen to clip
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In terms of repertoire, this recording includes original tunes of mine (Cathy's Song, Winter's Touch, Tango Caliente), a couple of works by Phil Woods (Goodbye, Mr. Evans, Rava Nova), and tunes from the Great American Songbook (Blue Skies, All Of You, My Shining Hour, On Green Dolphin Street). Each arrangement relates my flugelhorn and trumpet playing to the various ensembles, and in turn, are crafted to have the ensembles relate to me.

All in all, this recording demonstrates the splendid versatility of jazz music. It is created by special musicians whose art can allow us to experience the beauty of music - the beauty of jazz.

- Bob Lark

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