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With energy, bounce, and exuberance, the fresh young faces of The Stein Brothers debut their highly personal and melodic take on bebop. Song selections are truly melodic and tracks are shorter, making the album easily accessible to the casual listener and also well suited for radio airplay. The album recreates the spirit of the Bebop and Blue Note eras while retaining a sound that is fresh, original and relevant.
Artist(s)/Title: The Stein Brothers: Quixotic
Catalog #: JM1034
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  1. Quixotic - Listen to clip
  2. And So I Love You - Listen to clip
  3. Jammin' At The Jct - Listen to clip
  4. Embracable You - Listen to clip
  5. Eye's Drop - Listen to clip
  6. Midlife Crisis - Listen to clip
  7. East Of The Sun - Listen to clip
  8. Mr. QC - Listen to clip
  9. Charmed Quark - Listen to clip
  10. Trailblazer - Listen to clip
  11. You've Been Had - Listen to clip
  12. This Time The Dreams On Me - Listen to clip
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Familial ties, an artistic identity based on a major style in the jazz tradition, the esprit de corps of a working band, and the desire to communicate the joy of making music to an audience: These are the main elements that go into Quixotic, The Stein Brothers Quintet's impressive debut recording.

For all of the Stein Brothers Quintet's virtuosity and ability to navigate the complexities of the bop lexicon, it's the sheer joy of the music that shines through and makes Quixotic a special recording. They've captured the heady exuberance that audiences have come to expect from their live shows. Most importantly, this splendid group of young jazzmen has been documented at a significant juncture in their collective development. Here's looking forward to the next chapter in the Stein Brothers saga.

David A. Orthmann- All About Jazz

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