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Jazz guitar ensemble showcasing an engaging assortment of grooving originals coupled with well arranged and spontaneous standards, jazz guitarist Jeff Barone's Open Up features trumpeter extraordinaire Joe Magnarelli (Harry Connick Orchestra), Mike Dubaniewicz on sax (Maynard Ferguson), Ron Oswanski on B-3 Organ (Maynard Ferguson & Blood Sweat and Tears), and Rudy Petschauer on drums (Jack McDuff & Renee Rosnes).

Produced by legendary guitarist Jack Wilkins and also features two astounding duets featuring Jack and Jeff.
Artist(s)/Title: Jeff Barone: Open Up
Catalog #: JM1033
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  1. Duban's Groove - Listen to clip
  2. New Samba - Listen to clip
  3. If You Go Away - Listen to clip
  4. Open Up - Listen to clip
  5. Jenna's Song - Listen to clip
  6. Falling In Love With Love - Listen to clip
  7. Here's That Rainy Day - Listen to clip
  8. I Hear Music - Listen to clip
  9. My Funny Valentine - Listen to clip
  10. Toys - Listen to clip
  11. Quiet Now - Listen to clip
  12. Falling In Love With Love (alternate take) - Listen to clip
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Since arriving in New York City during the 1990s, guitarist Jeff Barone has been a part of the New York jazz scene. He gained notice by playing in Harlem jazz organ clubs with Jimmy "Preacher" Robins, Mel Davis and Rahn Burton. This led to a steady gig with groove/acid jazz legend Reuben Wilson, who refers to him as 'one of New York's best kept secrets.' Barone also performed with Tom Harrell and the Village Vanguard Orchestra, as well as keeping an active schedule as a free lancer.

One need not be a musician to appreciate Jeff Barone's strong technique and gift for improvisation, which help to make Open Up a veritable workshop for jazz guitarists. His formidable skills as a composer/arranger are an added bonus. I look forward to hearing Barone's future recordings.

Ken Dryden

Ken is a regular contributor to All Music Guide, All About Jazz New York, Coda and Hot House.

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