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Jazz trumpeter Bob Lark is joined by alto sax great Phil Woods and his quintet members Jim McNeely, Steve Gilmore, and Bill Goodwin. The quintet performs many new and exciting compositions by Bob Lark and Phil Woods. Also included is "Charlie's Wig", the only Charlie Parker tune never before recorded by Phil Woods in his long and successful career. This is bebop music at it's very best!

Bob Lark, trumpet & flugelhorn
Phil Woods, alto sax
Jim McNeely, piano
Steve Gilmore, bass
Bill Goodwin, drums
Artist(s)/Title: Bob Lark/Phil Woods Quintet: In Her Eyes
Catalog #: JM1018
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  1. It's You Or No One - Listen to clip
  2. Abruzzi - Listen to clip
  3. Ravenswood - Listen to clip
  4. Mad Dan's - Listen to clip
  5. In Her Eyes - Listen to clip
  6. Roatan - Listen to clip
  7. Charlie's Wig - Listen to clip
  8. Q's Delight - Listen to clip
  9. Bouguet Chorale - Listen to clip
  10. As A Lark - Listen to clip
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Every so often a jazz artist is brought to your attention who defies being placed in a given "category". Bob Lark is such an artist. I have been honored to add Bob to my label due to a referral by the great Phil Woods, and this newfound gentleman has more avenues of music expression than I have fingers!

When Bob mailed me the master of the CD you are now holding I was immediately blown away by his lyrical playing, reminiscent of another master jazz trumpeter, my good friend Carl Saunders. Bob plays with confidence and attention to the intent of the piece, laying back at the appropriate time to give the listener the full effect of the tune, yet ready to forge ahead and drive things when appropriate. He shows a deep respect for those playing with him, always ready to provide just the right thought to follow a phrase of the previous soloist. Dan Morgenstern, noted jazz author, had this to say about the CD: "This is music the way it's supposed to be made but all too seldom is these days. "In Her Eyes" will make itself at home in your ears. This Lark has some special songs for you!"

The selection of tunes offers up some real surprises, including the inclusion of the seldom heard Charlie Parker song "Charlie's Wig", and the wonderful opener "It's You Or No One" written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne. Bob Lark has written six of the tunes, and adds to his already impressive resume music with staying power, a rare commodity these days in the music biz. I was particularly impressed with "Ravenswood", an up tempo piece with a very catchy melody, coupled with some inspired work by our trumpet master. Another noteworthy tune by Bob is the title song "In Her Eyes", a very soulful ballad offering up some beautiful flugelhorn work and a very plaintive reading by Mr. Woods. Speaking of Phil, we get two tunes written by him and previously recorded elsewhere; "Q's Delight" from the "This is How I Feel About Quincy" CD, and "Bouquet Chorale" from the Marty Nau CD "At the Bouquet Chorale" featuring Phil Woods on alto saxophone.

There is always room for another great jazz trumpeter. Make way gentlemen, here comes Bob Lark!

Graham Carter, Jazzed Media

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