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Alto sax legend Bud Shank's first big band release features exciting arrangements from Bob Cooper, Manny Albam, Mike Barone, and Bob Florence. This is the first Bud Shank Big Band album in Bud's 60+ year career. Bud is joined by many jazz greats including Carl Saunders, Roger Ingram, Ron Stout, Andy Martin, Lanny Morgan, Jack Nimitz, Christian Jacob, and special guest Bob Florence.

Bud Shank, alto sax
Bob Florence, piano and conductor on "Taking the Long Way Home"
Trumpets- Roger Ingram, Dennis Farias, Pete DiSiena, Ron Stout, Carl Saunders
Trombones- Andy Martin, Mike Barone, Charlie Morillas, Craig Gosnell
Reeds- Lanny Morgan, Keith Bishop, Doug Webb, Brian Williams, Jack Nimitz
Piano- Christian Jacob
Bass- Joel Hamilton
Drums- Kevin Kanner
Artist(s)/Title: Bud Shank Big Band: Taking the Long Way Home
Catalog #: JM1015
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  1. Rosebud - Listen to clip
  2. Waltz for Debby - Listen to clip
  3. Greasiness is Happening - Listen to clip
  4. Night and Day - Listen to clip
  5. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes - Listen to clip
  6. The Starduster - Listen to clip
  7. Limes Away - Listen to clip
  8. Taking the Long Way Home - Listen to clip
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"This new disc at hand features Bud's dynamic big band-the very first big band recording he has been positioned in as leader. "I really had fun with it. At my age now, to have that materialize for the first time is a genuine thrill," reveals Bud. "I think most musicians dream of having a big band. Despite growing up in the big swing band era, it just never happened to me. After playing with the Barnet and Kenton bands, I went straight to the Lighthouse All-Stars and from then on it was small groups. Furthermore, as I'm a composer and not an arranger-writer, I never had the desire to have my own band for the purpose of hearing my writing."

The element of swing has long been key in Bud's embodiment of musical values. In regard to the tunes, it's not surprising he articulated firmly: "I definitely wanted swingin' things as much as possible." The charts were primed for swingfeel, indeed. In front of the band, Bud communicated a disposition of kinetic excitement. He was pumped up eager to swing!

The band was shored with some of L.A.'s best corps of players. It was outrageous in its profusion of excellence from the steaming rhythm section of Christian Jacob, Joel Hamilton and Kevin Kanner to the blazing horns. Throughout the high caliber performance, the heartfelt emotion and joie de vivre of the event was a perceptible ingredient. As Lanny Morgan has predicted: "I think Bud Shank fans will be thrilled. It's a tremendous effort!"

Dr. Herb Wong
Past-President, IAJE
Alumnus, KJAZ Radio, San Francisco

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