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This exciting new release features trumpet great Marvin Stamm and drummer Ed Soph captured live at the world famous Birdland club in New York City. Marvin and Ed are joined by Bill Mays on piano, Rufus Reid on bass, and special guest John Abercrombie on guitar:
Artist(s)/Title: The Stamm/Soph Project: Live at Birdland
Catalog #: JM1006
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  1. Svensson - Listen to clip
  2. Samba Du Nancy - Listen to clip
  3. In Her Arms - Listen to clip
  4. Waltz For Mia - Listen to clip
  5. Two As One - Listen to clip
  6. When She Smiles - Listen to clip
  7. Gemma's Eyes - Listen to clip
  8. The Meddler - Listen to clip
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Why a "live" CD? Why at Birdland?

There are times when everything just seems right for doing something like this. The quartet had several bookings in the New York area within the space of eight days - a concert in Connecticut, the COTA Festival in Delaware Water Gap, PA, and four nights in Birdland in New York City. Ed Soph and I had been talking about recording another CD, and this seemed to be the perfect time. We've spoken often of making a "live" recording of the quartet because this is how we play - the music open and "controlled" only by our own musical communication, sensitivity, and taste. This is who we really are as a group!

Birdland seemed to be the optimum place for several reasons: the owners have created a "customer-friendly" environment that produces a relaxed atmosphere for the audiences; the New York audiences at Birdland are musically "hip" audiences; Birdland has installed quality recording equipment, making it unnecessary to bring in outside equipment.

Working with these musicians as a group - Ed, Bill, and Rufus - always produces very special moments. None of us takes these events for granted or looks upon them as "just another gig." Each of us really comes to play! We invited John Abercrombie to join us at Birdland. He has performed with us several times in the past and fits in beautifully with our approach to the music. John is an extraordinarily sensitive and gifted musician. For me, performing with this group is a pinnacle of sorts because these are the guys with whom I want to play; they are my choice!

Marvin Stamm, 2005

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